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Comparison based on accomplishment does not have a baseline

#virtue #life

I would just note that you have an image of some "great X" that you are trying to live up to, when really, there is no frame of reference to standardize a measure for X. Point being you and your circumstances are completely unique[[Warren Buffet talks about the idea of maintaining an in...

Cultural artefacts to improve the resonance and life expectancy of your writing


Cultural additions like one's philosophical inclinations, directed social interactions through common social artefacts, etc can add personal touch to the essays,which not only elevates the engagement but also the life expectancy of an essay. Take any essay by Orwell from [[As I Please::https:...

Dark theme adoption as a function of cognitive exhaustion

#ux #programming #sleep #cognition

Sensitivity to brightness can occur due to number of issues ranging from corneal issues like infections and abrasions, to dry eye, to concussions, to allergies; eg: Keratoconus, Uveitis, Keratitis, Preeclampsia. Google claims in its [[android developer guide that dark themes can improve visibilit...

Epistemic humility to avoid unintended ontological dust while writing


When writing an essay (applies to both opinion piece as well as factual ones), remember to clearly portray the epistemic humility[[Epistemic Humility: Recognizing the fragility of your epistemic confidence i.e., you (can) only know so much::rmn]], that is required of the subject in hand, in your ...

Humility is the knowing that you don't know a lot of things not a false pretension to deceive people into praising you.


The contemporary view of humility seems to be to pretend as if one knew little instead of realizing it. Here fake it till you make it doesn't seem to work as, the more you pretend to be humble without realizing how little you know—not relatively, but absolutely—-the ego grows by holding onto ...

Everyone should have a project that they control 100% of

#project #programming

To improve as a programmer, every programmer whether working independently or in an organization should atleast have one project that they control 100% of, and it doesn't matter if it is your main project or a side project. When you are working for an organization or working independently on ...

Reading with fractalized mental pattern


Fractalize your mental patterns instead of reading as a whole (i.e., one single pattern, where the mood of the act is associated with the ego), that way you will be able to selectively associate yourself with a book instead of the act of reading. Most people stop reading when they are bored of re...

Reading the material to completion over interest-based pickups-n-drops


It is becoming common these days among people to preach dropping and picking up a book based on interest, but if you seriously want to express your opinion on the material or the person who has written that, at least try reading it completely before letting your preconceived notions get better of...

Serendipity-based outlook as a driver for large-scale personal projects

#outlook #project #writing

Goal-oriented outlook for large-scale personal projects seem to be detrimental in a sense that in the absence of an enforcing agent it seems to be contributing to issues like will-power dissolution, decision fatigue, burn-out, guilt etc owing to the disincentives of self-enforced adherence to an ...